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Halloween Decor on a Budget

Collage of tablesetting, white pumpkin, craft supplies

Fall Tablescape on a Budget

This is Deneise from Stripes-on-Stripes blog with my unique spin on Halloween. The holiday season has begun and I want to share a few decorating ideas for those who, like me, are on a budget. When thinking of holiday decor I factor in three things- budget, theme, and what I already have around the house that can be integrated into my concept.

Dinner place setting in orange and black

1-Washi tape- If you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out on an easy craft tool. The tape comes in several different colors and patterns, and can be found online or at any general craft store. I’ve used it on paper, walls, wood, and even pumpkins.

Treat lables in orange and black

2-Alphabet Stamp Set-I bought my alphabet stamps at Walmart. Combine with pre-cut card stock and it allows you to make customized cards for nearly every holiday.

White pumpkin

3-Spray paint - In this case I purchased spray paint and used it to spray my typically orange pumpkin white. This cuts down the cost of purchasing white pumpkins, which are normally more expensive.

Scene of orange and black dishes with pumpkins

4-Zak Designs dinnerware I love using Zak Design products for parties. In wanting to take a step up from the typical paper plates and napkins that I was finding myself using at parties, I found an alternative in Zak Design products.Their products offer a variety of choices in solids, patterns, and prints. They make any table pop with color!table pop with color!

Set dinner table in Halloween party theme

5-Bargain finds - I try to keep my eyes open for items at my local dollar stores and thrift. In my October party theme I was on the lookout for wooden candle stick holders. I found this pair at a thrift store for 99 cents and then spray painted them black.

Center piece of fall leaves

6-Around the house - I try to open up my imagination and use what I can find around the house. In what is pictured I have used leaves from the outside, cut up paper bags ,and clothes pins from my laundry line.

Halloween craft supplies

7- Craft supplies- Inexpensive supplies can be found at your local craft stores. ÿSome of my favorites are self adhesive ribbon and paper products.

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