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    • Pumpkin Soup Recipe

      Pumpkin Soup Recipe

      February 4, 2016With the texture of a summer smoothy, this simple savory soup is the perfect way to celebrate autumn. Combine it with a salad or sandwich and enjoy a cheerful, bright midday meal. Its rich, creamy pumpkin flavor is achieved with very little prep time. Read More
    • Slow Cooker Recipes - Teriyaki Sliders

      Slow Cooker Recipes - Teriyaki Sliders

      January 28, 2016Busy days call for easy suppers and I don’t think supper can get any easier than these delicious Slow Cooker Teriyaki Sliders. Don’t freak out with the addition of crushed pineapple, trust me you don’t want to have these sliders without it. It adds that hint of sweetness that these sandwiches needs and cuts the saltiness of the Teriyaki sauce. Read More
    • French Dip Extraordinaire Sandwich Recipe

      French Dip Extraordinaire Sandwich Recipe

      January 21, 2016“I went to a restaurant this week and had the most extraordinarily delicious French Dip sandwich ever! Besides enjoying it on a gorgeous golden fall day at a table providing a panoramic lakeside view, the food was melt in your mouth delectable. First the bread was toasted to perfection and buttered generously. Deli sliced, slightly rare, roast beef combined with melted provolone cheese was complemented with sautéed mushrooms and tempura fried red onions. The dipping sauce was rich and beefy. Read More
    • Superhero Soup a Butternut Squash Recipe

      Superhero Soup a Butternut Squash Recipe

      January 14, 2016Here is a daring and delicious butternut squash soup to serve in Zak’s marvelous Superhero ceramic mugs. The cold weather is here, and a nice warm soup is a valiant way to fearlessly confront old man winter. Read More
    • Apple Pie Recipe

      Apple Pie Recipe

      January 6, 2016“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” (Carl Sagan) I think that I have finally found THE apple pie recipe worthy of this statement. You will see that the key is in precooking the apples. This allows you to eliminate the bubble of crust that often happens in a traditional apple recipe. Read More